Men's Oakwood Golf Association of Sun Lakes, AZ

MOGA Game Descriptions

SKINS:  A player receives a skin if he has the lowest net score on a hole.  If two or more players tie, the skin is carried over to the next hole. The player(s) that did not tie are also eligible to play for the carry over skins.  Payouts will be determined by number of skins awarded.  If sufficient skins are left over after the round of golf, the payout will be evenly divided over all players.

BLIND DRAW PARTNER:  A player doesnít know with whom he is paired until the completion of play.  May be played as two gross, two net, or one net one gross.

ABCD 1, 2, 3:  One net ball on par three holes, two net on par fives, and three net on par fours.

LOW GROSS BY FOURSOME:  Competition within the foursome.  One winner.

ABCD MIXED:  One low net on holes 1-6, one low gross on holes 7-12, and one net and one gross on holes 13-18.

ALTERNATE SHOT (two man team): Both players tee off.  Best drive is selected and his partner hits the second shot and then playerís alternate shots until the ball is holed.  Use 40% combined handicap.

ABCD BEST BALL: The best net score of the players on each hole. The handicap strokes will be taken as they fall on the scorecard. (May be scored as 3 best net scores.)

CHA, CHA, CHA (four man team): 1, 2, 3 best net balls. 1 ball on 1st hole, 2 balls on 2nd hole, 3 balls on 3rd hole. Repeat process for 18 holes. (In shotgun format, Hole #1 on the scorecard is the first hole for all players to begin counting 1 ball.)

CHAPMAN (two man team): Both players tee off. Player A hits his player Bís ball and player B hits player Aís ball for the second shot. The team then selects one player's ball to play. The other hits the third shot. Then players alternate shots until the ball is holed. Use 1/2 combined handicap.

ABCD TOTAL LOW-NET:  The total score of the four players, less handicaps, determines the winning team.

LOW NET: Individuals with lowest 18 hole net scores determine winners.  Generally this is done by flight

MATCH PLAY: Following USGA Match Play Rules:  2 man match play is competition between 2 players of comparable handicap using net scores.  The handicap strokes will be taken as they fall on the scorecard.  Team match play is 2, two man teams competition using best net ball of the team.

SCRAMBLE (two or four man team): All players tee off. Everyone moves to the best shot. All hit again. Continued in this manner to the completion of the hole. Once the ball is in the hole, all putting is completed. 1/4 of combined handicap.  Drives may be limited by tournament committee.

STABLEFORD SYSTEM: Players are awarded 5 points for each net eagle, 3 points for each net birdie scored, and 1 point for each net par.  Played under full handicap.  May be played as individual or team format.

NOTE:  It is the responsibility of the team captain to turn-in the groupís scorecard at the end of tournament play each week.  Failure to do so will disqualify that group's chance for placement in the weekly prizes.  Cards that are turned in after the winners have been posted cannot be honored.  No action will be taken by the Pairings Chairman in this matter -- it is the responsibility of the players to follow-up with their appointed team captain.

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